Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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[New Music] Chris Brown - "Yeah 3X" Video & New Single!

After tough career break by beating incident with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown is back with a new single. "Yeah 3X " sounds like the success of the current numbers and associated R & B charts with dance elements. The song is a good fun party song and Chris Brown is facing his world hit " Forever" and " Run it! 're off operations that he has what it takes for the dance floor of the international clubs. While celebrating in the U.S., the single "Deuces" successes, Chris would like in Europe with "Yeah 3X" score. Look at 2live4music the video for new single, Chris Brown, published in Germany.

Chris Brown shows in his video on a set that shows the normal streets of a city. Dancing with Chris several dancers and many fans who discover Chris on the road! Special feature of the disco-Truck from Chris at the beginning the video appears. "Yeah 3X" creates a good mood, fresh and with the combination of R & B and dance beats just right in the trend. But it said that 2live4music would like to see Chris again devoted more to the R & B in the future! As a great example of Chris is Michael Jackson, whose Tazschritte again in the dance style are un recognizable in the choreography. For the performance in the video is Chris Brown with a definitive "Like Me"! SR


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